Mortgage Campaign


The organization has a mortgage dept of $166,000, a Capital Fundraising Campaign will be designed as this will help free up cash flow for operations.

Oromocto Food Bank

Expanding our Food Hamper Services

Emergency Food Services – Mobile Delivery Service to RURAL Communities – we would like to expand by delivering once a month to the food desert communities where families cannot travel to reach services in Oromocto. These costs would include travel for our vehicle to 5 communities per month.

Cost per trip includes vehicle expenses

$200.00 x 5 = $1,000 per month

Special Projects

Expansion of Teaching Kitchen evening programs which would include:

  • Evening cooking classes – $150.00 per class
  • GED classes – $4,000 per segment of learning
  • Book club / book exchange – $65.00 per event
  • Blood Pressure Clinic – $65.00 per clinic
  • Diabetes Clinic – $65.00 per clinic

A “Good Food” Warehouse For Central New Brunswick

Raise the Roof Campaign Central Distribution Warehouse for NB:

$400,000 Is being raised to build a 6,000 square food warehouse on the building lot next to the Oromocto Food Bank.  This central warehouse will provide healthier foods to over 68,340 individuals in central NB in one year, 30% are children.

The Oromocto Food Bank board is directors is taking the initiative to expand the services to include a CENTRAL DISTRIBUTION WAREHOUSE for NB.  This project is called “Raise the Roof” Over Hunger.  The central warehouse will be the first point of contact for food banks/soup kitchens for large food orders that come into the province from local farmers, Sobeys, Costco, Walmart, Superstores and Food Banks Canada.  It will also serve as a central warehouse for  Food Waste from the food industry and retailers.  Food Waste is an important issue for Canadians.  It is a critical issue for food banks as much of their work is reliant on retailers and manufacturers, farmers donating safe surplus food to be shared with our community members in need.

For information on any of the above projects, please contact:

Jane Buckley Executive Director
Oromocto Food & Clothing Bank
101 D’Amours St., Oromocto, NB E2V 0G5

Phone: 506-357-3461