Christmas At The Food Bank



“Do I pay for heat or buy food for my family?”  Which would you choose if you were faced with this agonizing decision?  If we were granted a Christmas Wish, we’d wish that there be equality for all, that no persons in our community would be faced with making this impossible decision.

Food is the most basic human need, 255 families in the Oromocto and Surrounding area depend upon monthly Food Bank hampers to meet their nutritional requirements.  Healthy food is expensive.  If we can feed those who are unable to provide for themselves, they can focus on other important demands with their other resources

Christmas and the winters months are the hardest for citizens in our community.  It is also the best time for nonprofit organizations, including the Food Bank to ask for your financial support.  With the increased requests for food assistance over the past year, it is very evident we must ask for your help at this time.

With your financial donation we will be able to meet the growing needs and put food in empty tummies.

Each month we provide for Children and Young People in your community:

 255 Food Hampers that include school lunch supplies (Representing 575 people/40% children)

2800 boiled eggs to 8 schools in Oromocto and Surrounding Area

Daily Brown Bag Lunches and Hot Soup Lunches to the Oromocto High School

Snacks and fresh food

30 Weekend Backpacks

Financial donations are extremely important.  What we raise in November and December set the budget for the incoming year, it determines what we can and can’t do.  Please remember that even in times of economic instability, your gift makes our communities a better place for our children to grow and learn. Please do not lay this letter aside, your donation is important to us and to the families and children that rely on our food services each month.

Make a donation today by mailing your cheque, through our website with your credit card, cash in person, by pledging an automatic monthly gift from your credit card or postdated cheques.  Your dollars go directly to helping those in need.  Please return payment card below with your commitment.


Elizabeth Crawford Thurber, Chair